We know you are fun when mix and match our treasure box
We know you are fun when mix and match our treasure box

happppppy payday! yeyyy! plan your shopping budget well because #preppytreasurebox is coming on begeining of December! 😝 #supportatreasurebox

How do you spell pastel, sweetie? You don't spell it, you feel it only with these cute treasure boxes. 💛💛💛 thanks @tarnnito, our team, for flower paper. #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

No worries all the way with a wide opening back for easiest access to coins, notes, and preppy stuffs. 🌼 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Reason to own Preppy Treasure box # 2 : 💳Essential card holders - Very compact it holds folded bills, credit cards or any important thing you don't want them slip away. So comfort wowwwwww! #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

"P" family ! Preppy and Pear Pimpisa @pearpimpisa thank you nakaa we feel so special having you ! Preppy Boxes comes with full of function with loveliest shape ever! stay update throughout the week to see the more details. 💋 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

let's this dark, smart and sophisticated little marine escorts you from day to night, likewise, completes your predominant novel look from classic to catchy. - luxurious MARINE 💙 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox #iamwearinglookbook

Reason to own Preppy Treasure Box # 3 : Such a pretty shape. Playful, feminine and striking, the ideal way to carry every girls' daily essentials. 💜 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Being a leading man of this season. #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox 😎

Wake up and unwrapped the magical box full of refreshing lemonade-surprises with new twist syrup pouring to A Treasure Box you have already know. Let's introduce "BABY YELLOW Preppy Treasure Box" xoxo 🐝🍯🍯 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Guess what is inside! Unwrap the box together TOMORROW ! soooo excited ! 💥💥💥 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox #comingsoon

bloom beautifully - lavender preppy treasure box 🌾🌾🌾 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Greeting from new coming todayyyy ! The lavenders ! 🌷 hope you like it kaaa :p #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

MARINE, a delightful sweetheart for smart-casual occasions from Bangkok to New York to be found in your closet. 💙 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Tadaaaa!! It's time for you, sweet lively queen bees! Grabbed "BABY YELLOW" Preppy Treasure Box to feel the honey of the sun-shining story. 💛💛💛💛 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Are you ready to wear the smile PREPPY treasure box will gives you? Preview will start from this WEEKEND !! 💘 #excited #comingsoon #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

🎈🎈🎈 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Tadaaaaa!! a LAVENDER girl is always full of surprise! She lives everyday like it's a party and celebration. 🍸🍸🍸#preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Every girl has a treasure awaits to make her smile. @pearpimpisa 💛😁 / thanks to @yosakorn photographer #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Oh, My Marine.. You're not alone because tomorrow we will bring you a new friend! Stay tuned for next color.💙💙💙 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

meet our mother brand @lookbooklookbook at @tgifmarket tomorrow and sunday! limited items , new collection , surprise and many cute stuffs ! 💛 #iamwearinglookbook

Oops! spotted secret pocket for banknote at front! 💸💸 now you will have a little wallet with you. | สำหรับpartหน้าของรุ่น PREPPY ถูกออกแบบให้ใช้แทนกระเป๋าสตางค์ไปในตัวเลยนะคะช่องหน้าสามารถใส่แบงค์และเปิดขึ้นมาสามารถใส่นามบัตรใบสำคัญๆค่ะ ส่วนช่องใหญ่ไว้ใส่มือถือ กุญแจรถ ตลับแป้ง ลิป สายช๊าตแบต บลาๆ ตามใจชอบเล้ยยยย~😗💕 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Reason to own Preppy Treasure Box # 1 : 🔨 Even the smallest metal parts want to be a part of our cuteness with engraving brand signature. ♥️♥️♥️ #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

have a nice day, my little marine crews! #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

do see something special? 💙 see pop-up preview of the first color throughout this week! #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Preppy girls, get ready !! #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox #comingsoon

Never say no to colors. Another way to mix and match the lavender box! @iceirin 💜 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox #iamwearinglookbook

feel like the balloons - baby yellow 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox

Join the endless fun, put a smile on your face, and you're ready to run - of course! with baby yellow preppy treasure box! 💛 #preppytreasurebox #supportatreasurebox #iamwearinglookbook

it was sent from actress from #hormonestheseries @frungnarikunn so young and fresh, we love and miss you Oil ! Ooooopsss🙊🙊🙊 #supportatreasurebox

we are now packing for you kaaa. 💪💪💪 ps. today is the last day of payment nakaaaa xoxo enjoy the day! credit @jean.wt #supportatreasurebox