Glitter Treasure Box
Glitter Treasure Box

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Product Detail

Imported PU leather

Texture: glitter

Strap : chain

Spares : Pink gold

2 way of holding: hand and shoulder

lock at front

2 extra pockets inside

handicraft production

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins, just like this little girl, Multicolor Glitter Treasure Box, in which is launched in October 2013. The box herself is made with care and she has a well-complexioned diamond-embedded skin, this beneficial ornament is a perfect match with any attires a millennium modern day princess like you could have from white tee and jeans to an evening finery.
When in doubt for what to wear to a party, you just add glitter, therefore, I highly recommend all the party animals this glittery box to become the shining diamond of the event like a sparkle sweet and sour cosmo.