Letter Treasure Box
Letter Treasure Box

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Indigo Blue

Product Detail

Imported PU leather

Imported light-weighted materials from Italy for the interiors.

Strap : Leather (Indigo Blue color)

Spares : Classic Sliver

Velvet lining : Grey

Opened and locked with magnet

Engraved signature twice twist-locks

Adjustable shoulder strap

1 extra pocket at front and 1 extra pocket inside


The night is still young for a fashion icon heartbreaker to turn back time to a golden age. let’s fringe your way to hit the light and shine wearing classy sassy and a bit bad assy personalities, with a perfect on the go companion, Letter Treasure Box Indigo Blue that impeccably crafted in an eye-catching energetic colour on a woody surface leather. This glam-delicious shoulder bag should be on your every occasion outfits from chavvy tees to satin-miniskirt and from high-waisted ripped jeans to body-con little black dress.

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